Akkad, by Lubin

Akkad is really something quite magical; one spray of this precious amber liquid and you are instantly transported back in time to an ancient Middle Eastern city; a mystical place where the air is spiked with the intoxicating scent of incense, spices and precious oils. Named after the great capital of the Akkadian Empire, which sat between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, this fragrance really does embody the spirit of the Middle East and the Levant. It smells timeless, perhaps even ancient, somehow unaffected by today’s fads and fashions. This is hardly surprising considering that Akkad is an offering from the house of Lubin, who has been making perfumes since 1798 and is considered one of the oldest perfume houses in the world. Fragrances by Lubin have long been synonymous with Imperial Court and were worn by the likes of Joséphine and Pauline Bonaparte, Marie-Amelie of Naples and Sicily and eventually, by all the crowned heads of Europe.

Lubin, is one of the oldest fragrance houses in the world and has been making perfumes since 1798

The scent:

Akkad is a bold Spicy Oriental fragrance that seamlessly mixes resins and woods with just a touch of spice and citrus to create a truly evocative elixir. The moment I sprayed it, I knew I was in love. It opens with mandarin and bergamot, which adds sharpness and cuts the sweet resins below. In my opinion, Perfumer Delphine Thierry added just the right amount of citrus here, the bergamot and mandarin notes blend seamlessly with the other notes and are never jarring as citrus notes in some oriental fragrances can be (like in Habit Rouge, for example). The scent then slowly develops, releasing the sweet spicy notes of cardamom and the smoky, resinous and slightly churchy notes of  and styrax, elemi and olibanum. Finally patchouli, vanilla and labdanum soften the fragrance in the dry down. A few hours after your first spray and you will be enveloped in a smooth, amber glow.

A few hours after your first spray and you will be enveloped in a smooth, warm amber glow

With regard to sillage, I would classify Akkad as moderate to heavy, depending on what you are used to. If you like your fragrances to be close to the skin, this may be a little too punchy for you, however, if you are expecting enormous sillage than you may be a little disappointed. In my opinion, it has a good balance of both; it’s never overbearing but is always there. In terms of longevity, this scent performs really well and you can easily expect it to last all day on the skin and even longer on your clothes or hair.

Akkad is truly an amber lover’s dream. It’s perfect for the long cold winter months, wrapping you in a warm, cozy and luminous scent. Even though it is a niche fragrance, I believe that it is also suitable for those who are new to the genre as it is never too challenging or overpowering as some amber scents can be. That being said, it certainly is not for those who like their fragrances to be subtle, fresh and airy. Finally, I would consider Akkad to be completely unisex. It does not conform to any of today’s ideas of what a man’s or woman’s scent should be, it is a unique, evocative and addictive fragrance and I adore it.

Top Notes:

Mandarin, bergamot & clary sage

Middle Notes:

Cardamom, elemi, olibanum & styrax

Base Notes:

Amber, labdanum, vanilla & patchouli