The Real Deal

Of all the great perfumes on the shelves of fragrance boutiques; and of all the “Perfume Elite’s” prive ranges, boasting arrogant price tags; and all the rage of niche perfumery with its immodist ingredients made in small batches: I can’t get this commonplace and somewhat coarse fragrance out of my mind. It’s been years now that I use it and find it so satisfying, so effective and appropriate for who I am today.
When I open my fragrance cupboard my eyes are impulsivley drawn to the outdated box, with its dark brown base coat, then burnished, to expose the gold beneath. And from the depths of its gold deposits the word “QUORUM” gleams to the surface. I reach for it unconsciously but then pull back and ask myself, “is it the right occassion today?” Quorum needs to be worn at appropriate times. You cant just spritz Puig’s pungent concoction willy-nilly. It’s not the 80’s you know! In those days severe uncles, dad’s boss and his intimidating friends earned the right to wear this forceful fragrance. Men in those days weren’t whipped like they are today. They didn’t change “Baby’s” nappies; go to elaborate kiddies’ parties, making pointless chit chat with other duped fathers. Nor did they go shopping for shoes with the wife. NO! They wore Quorum! It made women stoop in trepidation and it scattered squealing kids.
And that is exactly why I love it so much!
Its top notes of: Artemesia, caraway seeds, bergamot and Lemon are sharp and strong. The bitter artemesia is what I like best in the top. It’s that herbal aroma of Vermouth and Absinth, filled with dark powers, that I am instantly attracted to. Warning! Do not spray near an open flame or children as the initial burst is volatile. It would be impolite and almost irresponsible for me to be wearing it at big family get-get-together. It would frighten the kids and offend their mothers. I don’t have plans such as this today, so I grab the box out of my cupboard.

The heart is where Quorum turns from an “explosive”/”kid repellent” to a true masculine scent. In the middle notes, the perfumers turn down the brashness, but only just. Pine, carnation, sandalwood and patchouli combine to emit the smell of a man’s odor. No sweat. Just testosterone, hormones and pheromones exuding from his skin. It is so meaty and raw, I almost intimidate myself! It would be inappropriate for me to wear Quorum to a wedding. I’d be trespassing on the groom’s territory or distracting the bride from her objective. But since I am not going to a wedding I take the dated bottle out of its box.

The dry-down is what I like most. Leather, amber, oakmoss and tobacco keep it very masculine but softens and refines it. Tames the beast. To me it’s nostalgic and warm. It reassures you that there are men in your little world that can take on problems a young boy can’t yet handle. It’s that dependable and protecting father in the family. I’m having lunch at my parents today with my wife and kids. I push down hard on the poorly crimped pump and spray my neck generously. This is the perfect occasion!

P.S. At a fraction of the price of the average fine fragrance it is massively underestimated; and in terms of quality, it gives some fashion houses a run for their money.